Wonderland Group Prentis Shhh CABARET Las Vegas Airlines on Teatro Caser Calderón Thursday 30 May. The first show is staged in an airplane in flight, Direct from Madrid to Las Vegas, which will have a unique “flight captains” Exception, are : José Corbacho, José Mota, Santiago Segura, Mario Vaquero and Gran Wyoming. He led the presentation ceremony Cristina Hidalgo (Group Marketing Director Globalia) and Luis Alvarez director Wonderland Group). Because not everything is invented ... again Wonderland Group gives a twist to the world of Show business and the world of tourism and launches Shhh Cabaret Las Vegas Airlines, the first show in the world aboard an aircraft. It has united all the key pieces to put up this project: with the participation of leading Spain travel, Globalia, in the business, and on the creative, The Box NY, who have transformed in recent years the New York night, según el New York Times. The project, also, with the support of the City of Las Vegas, and with the collaboration of the Cirque du Soleil. The trip is seven nights in deluxe hotel, tickets to one of the shows of the Cirque du Soleil, entry to the best nightclubs in the world (theAct, Marquee, o Pure…) and a trip to the Grand Canyon. Just be scheduled in the summer of 2014, 5 only flights: 23 July, 30 July, 6 August, 13 August and 20 August. Also, if the booking is made before 30 September this year, it gives an annual bonus with free admission to all shows the Teatro Caser Calderón to the scheduled departure time. All information in this trip is in www.shhhcabaret.com, or on your facebook page http://www.facebook.com/shhhcabaret