Gin & Tony

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Gin & Tony is a duo formed by Jesús García Gallera (Ginés) and Julian Fontalvo (Tony) surprising for their incredible voices and humor. It is a fresh, new show sponsored by Tricicle.

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Hard Rock Live

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Show tribute to the best rock of all time. All Star Band.

Pasen y Burden

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PASEN Y LOAD, History of the World in 6 chupitos.

Santiago Segura produces Y happen drink, a funny reflection on the influence of alcohol history, literature, art, love and life. Starring Enrique San Francisco, Denny Horror y Javier Navares.

The entries in Tables Stalls include Premium Pack Shots.

Teatro Caser Calderón


In the heart of Madrid, where the street meets Atocha Plaza Jacinto Benavente, beginning of what all self-respecting tourist guide called Route Literatos, is one of the most emblematic buildings of the city's cultural world: El Teatro Calderón in Madrid Caser.

We are facing one of the most admired buildings all road of Madrid, whose facade has presented the greatest artists of our country, reaching all genres.

From 2002 Wonderland Entertainment S.L., manages the space. And it was here in this room, with which Wonderland became the first company to introduce in Spain “Naming Right”.

The result of a first agreement, in 2007, the theater was renamed Teatro Häagen-Dazs Calderón. From 2012, continuing the search for private support for the show to continue, rename again, to be renamed Teatro Caser Calderón.

The 18 June 1917 the Odeon Theatre opened, today known as Caser Calderón Theatre. This is, surely, one of the most beautiful buildings in the center of Madrid, architecture both exterior and interior decoration by. It was designed by architect Eduardo Sánchez Eznarriaga. The windows of the hall are Maumejean and paintings Demetrio room Monteserín. Occupies part of the site of the former Convent of the Trinitarios.

A year after opening it passed to the center of Madrid Children, and became known as Center Theatre. Again changed ownership and name in 1927. Being owned by the Duke of the Infantry became called Calderón Theatre.

With its high capacity, rather than the technical conditions of the stage, has been for most of its history a theater for […]

Gran Teatro Caser Las Ventas Bullring


The bullring of Las Ventas in Madrid is a modern tent that is installed in the same arena from October to February, the winter season outside taurine.

The tent is equipped with the latest developments and amenities and features 858 locations, furniture type Cabaret, stadium seating and side boxes. It is a perfect venue for any event, concerts, theater, presentations, movies, etc..

The fact of being installed inside the square makes the place offers a unique attraction visitors can enjoy the view of the alley, the stands and Moorish style balconies surrounding the theater.

Coliseum Theatre


The Coliseum Theatre, at the top of the Gran Vía, doing near the corner of the Plaza of Spain, is integrated into the building Coliseum, built in 1932, with project architects Pedro Muguruza and Casto Fernández-Shaw, initiative of the employer Jacinto Guerrero.

Until the fifties was theatrical exhibition, but after the death of its creator went to work as a cinema. In 1990 Coliseum Theatre property passes Bautista Soler, who choose to retrieve a theater complex in the year 2000, year from beginning to appear in it great music titles, as: My Fair Lady, Cats, La Bella y la Bestia, The Producers, Saturday Night Fever, Chicago, Hair, Sound of Music, etc..

Calle Gran Vía, 78, 28013 Madrid

Teatro Lope de Vega


The Lope de Vega theater is one of the largest in Madrid, located on the farm which occupies the number 53, 55, 57 and 59 La Gran Vía. The shows greater wingspan usually represented in this room that accommodates 1450 people.

It was inaugurated on 16 April 1949, and majored in musical. In 1954 installed a movie screen, becoming Cinema Teatro Lope de Vega, inaugurated 12 December of that same year.

Now, offers various types of theatrical and musical, having recovered its original name.

Calle Gran Vía, 57
28013 Madrid

Home Theater


The Teatro Principal Barcelona, Ancient Theatre Santa Cruz (Theatre of Santa Cruz, in Catalan), is the oldest theater in the city and one of the oldest in Spain, monopolized the theater activity in Barcelona for centuries.

Ramblas No. 27-29.
the stretch of Santa Monica Boulevard in the Square Theatre

Theatre Major


The Teatro Mayor, Madrid is in the number 6 on Main Street. It was opened in the year 1923, and had several names throughout its history: Rex and Ciro's Spanish. It was closed in 1993 and in the following years tried to regain the initiative of the employer space Maniano Torralba and his wife, actress Luisa Maria Payan. Wonderland Group finally restored it and brought it to life again 2003 with the name of Teatro Mayor.

The main hall can accommodate 350 spectators, while the second room has a capacity for 150 people.

Calle Mayor, 6
28013 Madrid

Parallel Theatre


A new scenario for Barcelona on the Avenida Parallel.

Street Poet Cabins, 5
08004 Barcelona

Theatre Champs Elysees


Singular modernist building, built by architect Alfredo Acebal and Frenchman Jean Batiste Darroguy.

Considered one of the greatest artistic category rooms, the Champs Elysees soon begin to be known as the Chocolate of Bertendona.

Bertendona Street, 3
48008 Bilbao, Biscay

Rialto Theatre


The Rialto Theatre is one of the largest in the Gran Via in Madrid.

Calle Gran Vía, 54
28013 Madrid

Harlequin Theatre


The Harlequin Theatre is located in one of the main streets that cross the Gran Vía. Surrounded by the best hotels and restaurants. It is an intimate room where you'll quickly enjoy a good book with a succulent text.

Calle de San Bernardo, 5
28013 Madrid

La Golfa de Jamming


The improv show more thug and participatory theater company Jamming, with guest artists and live music, in which if you can get on stage with the actors and guests to spend a fun Saturday morning, spontaneous and different. There is nothing written or prepared, everything is improvised. Come with nosotrings golfear!

Also you can take something at a very reasonable during the show. Planazo company proposes you Jamming!

The Hole


THE HOLE is a show that is a collaboration between YLLANA, Letsgo Y PACO LEON.

A fresh and sassy show has turned the theater into a club where you have a drink or dinner while enjoying the show in a different space in the center of Madrid.

Commanded by our emcees incorrect, everything is possible in this hole: You can view the best and most surprising performances of national and international artists of the highest level, new burlesque numbers, cabaret, circus, comedy, live music, suggestive stripteases and especially lots of partying!

Funny, elegant, provocative, scoundrel and sensual. A unique experience and never before seen, with love story included.

You have to experience!

“You must be in the hole to exit hole ... ".



Interactive show in which four Melky elves into action to develop all kinds of activities with the children: dramatize stories, tell riddles, sing, dance, Codan shells and decorate, chocolate, cream, jam, nuggets, etc..

Estrellita Elves, Moon, Comet and little tricks to teach Eclipse wishing on Melky and show you how to sing the chorus of his song. Appreciate your designs as pastry, that photographed so you can veils on their website.

Melky will make you spend an unforgettable time with this show perfect for families to enjoy. And then, if you want you can take a picture with the boy wizard and his elves.

We Will Rock You


A Musical seen by more than 5 million people worldwide.

We Will Rock You is based on the songs of Queen. The name of the musical is the same as one of the greatest hits of the group.

The musical is written and directed by Ben Elton in collaboration with Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor and.

101 Dalmatians, The Musical

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New international success Wonderland.

Discover the fascinating world of 101 Dalmatians and Cruella de Vil. based on the novel by Doodie Smith, and immortalized in Walt Disney movie "101 Dalmatians".

A musical, in which an added attraction is that the actors are authentic Dalmatian. Puppies are raised expressly for the show.

The Spanish production of 101 DALMATIAN premiered at the Calderón Theatre in Madrid Caser 2002 to, subsequently come to represent in 15 cities in the United States, after a tour of the country which ended in New York.


Lee Marshall of Magic Entertainment. (The producer of the great magician David Copperfield, inter alia).
Troika, leading U.S. tours, shows like Evita, Fiddler on the Roof, Chicago or Cats.

The Producers


The Producers is not of the most successful shows in Broadway.

License Wonderland Spain brings one of the most important shows in 2006.

Producers is a musical written by Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan, music and lyrics of own arrangements Brooks and Glen Kelly and Doug Besterman.

Fame, The Musical


Fame, The musical was in the theater Caser Calderón entire season 2006.

He was one of the most successful shows of the year

The musical “Fame” discusses the lives of several teenagers in a very important school of dance and theater. The characters are based on characters from the film 1980, the same title.

“Want fame, but fame costs and here is where you are going to start paying. With sweat”.
This famous phrase are welcomed students from High School for the Performing Arts, where they will spend the next four years of his life, learning and perfecting, to be good artists and achieve fame and recognition.

Pitingo, Soulería


Soulería, starring Pitingo and Juan Carmona, It is an unusual fusion of pop, flamenco, soul.Gwendolyne is the song chosen to be their first single. These are the most listened to songs on the album Killing Me With His Song Sofly – Gwendolyne – Me Laughing Ante Ti – I know that I know nothing.


The Fox, The Show


Show with humor, Special effects and swashbuckling scenes that delight of all, large

The assembly is designed to give the feel of the scenes occur in a comic.

The characters come, enter, dance and sing without stopping. Lots of action and fast-paced work passes to.

To live animals swarm the stage. It is shocking image of an authentic Zorro real horse on stage.

Soap, The Show


A number of baths element becomes the star of 'Soap! The Show ', a cabaret which is halfway between the circus-burlesque fusion and eight hand acrobats who have worked for Cirque du Soleil and other major international companies. The humor and dance make the show a unique opportunity to make the whole family enjoy alike passing through the Teatro Häagen Dazs Calderón in Madrid.

Markus Pabst and Maximilian Rambaek directed this production to show that an item is as typical as a bathtub can become a stage where juggling, acrobatics and trapeze artists used to build a set of numbers that leave the audience with his mouth open.

You Yes to Vouchers, The Show


The "You really are worth" premieres in Madrid theater format Caser Calderon to offer 13 functions.

Viewers can thus enjoy the performances of the finalists of talent show produced by Gestmusic (Endemol Spain) Telecinco.

The followers of the live program can assess the talents of some of the best artists who have gone through the program and vote for your favorite at the end of each gala.

The theater also has a VIP jury formed by those attending the function who have purchased seats on the same stage. "You really are worth closer than ever!". Tension, emotions and competition can experience live . "You really are worth. The show "does not leave anyone indifferent as has happened with jurors in the four editions of the talent show.



Wonderland Tweenies acquired the rights for production in Madrid and the subsequent tour of various theaters, held in December 2008.

Family show with real dolls created by Will Brenton for the BBC. The show includes the famous watch Tweenies which leads to different activities: tell tales, sing, play, dress up, riddles… It is a very complete and perfect for little ones of the house.



Lucho, Lulila, Lupita, Lublú, Lula, Lulo, Lunnis Seabass and all bring their songs and humor.

Lunnis The show is a colorful spectacle and entertainment, in which the children can see their favorite characters on TV and share with them a few surprises and emotions.




From Christmas 1989 the animated series has established itself on the small screen in half the world.

The Simpsons, while containing moral and ethical standards somewhat unfocused, have managed to get into the homes of millions of families.

Homer episodes, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie during the last years have won several Emmys and have entered the Guinness Book of Records as the cartoon show with the longest and most successful career of television.

Continue reaping success in his TV slot.

Wonderland gives you the opportunity to bring these cute characters to the public, see them and take a photo they will never forget.



Kids will love getting the “feeling fimbling” as Fimbo, Florrie, Baby Pom and all his friends, and explore the world around, stimulating their natural curiosity.

The dolls of Sarah-Jane Honeywell bring color to what promises to be an adventure full of music, dancing and lots of fun things.

It's a big party that all children are invited.