Interactive show in which four Melky elves into action to develop all kinds of activities with the children: dramatize stories, tell riddles, sing, dance, Codan shells and decorate, chocolate, cream, jam, nuggets, etc..

Estrellita Elves, Moon, Comet and little tricks to teach Eclipse wishing on Melky and show you how to sing the chorus of his song. Appreciate your designs as pastry, that photographed so you can veils on their website.

Melky will make you spend an unforgettable time with this show perfect for families to enjoy. And then, if you want you can take a picture with the boy wizard and his elves.

101 Dalmatians, The Musical

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New international success Wonderland.

Discover the fascinating world of 101 Dalmatians and Cruella de Vil. based on the novel by Doodie Smith, and immortalized in Walt Disney movie "101 Dalmatians".

A musical, in which an added attraction is that the actors are authentic Dalmatian. Puppies are raised expressly for the show.

The Spanish production of 101 DALMATIAN premiered at the Calderón Theatre in Madrid Caser 2002 to, subsequently come to represent in 15 cities in the United States, after a tour of the country which ended in New York.


Lee Marshall of Magic Entertainment. (The producer of the great magician David Copperfield, inter alia).
Troika, leading U.S. tours, shows like Evita, Fiddler on the Roof, Chicago or Cats.

The Fox, The Show


Show with humor, Special effects and swashbuckling scenes that delight of all, large

The assembly is designed to give the feel of the scenes occur in a comic.

The characters come, enter, dance and sing without stopping. Lots of action and fast-paced work passes to.

To live animals swarm the stage. It is shocking image of an authentic Zorro real horse on stage.



Wonderland Tweenies acquired the rights for production in Madrid and the subsequent tour of various theaters, held in December 2008.

Family show with real dolls created by Will Brenton for the BBC. The show includes the famous watch Tweenies which leads to different activities: tell tales, sing, play, dress up, riddles… It is a very complete and perfect for little ones of the house.



Lucho, Lulila, Lupita, Lublú, Lula, Lulo, Lunnis Seabass and all bring their songs and humor.

Lunnis The show is a colorful spectacle and entertainment, in which the children can see their favorite characters on TV and share with them a few surprises and emotions.




From Christmas 1989 the animated series has established itself on the small screen in half the world.

The Simpsons, while containing moral and ethical standards somewhat unfocused, have managed to get into the homes of millions of families.

Homer episodes, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie during the last years have won several Emmys and have entered the Guinness Book of Records as the cartoon show with the longest and most successful career of television.

Continue reaping success in his TV slot.

Wonderland gives you the opportunity to bring these cute characters to the public, see them and take a photo they will never forget.



Kids will love getting the “feeling fimbling” as Fimbo, Florrie, Baby Pom and all his friends, and explore the world around, stimulating their natural curiosity.

The dolls of Sarah-Jane Honeywell bring color to what promises to be an adventure full of music, dancing and lots of fun things.

It's a big party that all children are invited.




Who can resist the
spider powers of this famous superhero?

The legendary Marvel comic book first comes to the stage with a new concept of theater:

Direct Flights, somersaults, stunts, animated virtual sets, and a huge display of special effects.

Garfiel, The Show


Garfield arrives at the theater with new adventures!

Back our intellectual, fun and playful lasagne eater.

The famous feline with humor and mischief solve small problems posed by the vida.Garfield, Odie and John show to kids and adults the secretro of true friendship.





Wizards and Spells, fantasy and adventure.

Share this adventure with the most famous magician of all time: Merlin.

Accompany the little cricket on the feat of becoming the King Arthur and get his magic sword.


How many young people achieve public get Excalibur from the stone?

Tortugas Ninja


The evil SREDER want to cause chaos in the city, scheduling a major blackout. To prevent this you have to connect an emergency generator and only The Totugas Ninjas are trained to deal with the pitfalls and dangers that entails.

? Generators connect time? Will he manage to get rid of the evil turtles Sreder?…

Come and discover your own.