Voices Poker

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Daniel Diges, David Ordinas, Ignasi Vidal and Pablo Puyol are Poker Voices, the best voices in music in Spain. Four established artists who combine their talents to a different concert. They feature an orchestra on stage directed by maestro César Belda, another veteran of the Spanish stages and the artistic direction of Zenón Recalde, renowned actor and writer on music.

Voices Poker

Hard Rock Live

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Show tribute to the best rock of all time. All Star Band.

Pitingo, Soulería


Soulería, starring Pitingo and Juan Carmona, It is an unusual fusion of pop, flamenco, soul.Gwendolyne is the song chosen to be their first single. These are the most listened to songs on the album Killing Me With His Song Sofly – Gwendolyne – Me Laughing Ante Ti – I know that I know nothing.


46664 Latino

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Benefit concerts tribute to Nelson Mandela in his 90 birthday, organized for the fight against AIDS.



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Innocence is a sound concept born by merging the Symphonic PopRock a sophisticated and distinct , with a powerful voice , fresh and vibrant that surrounds us in every tune and leads us to unexpected places. A combination of strength and sensitivity.

In his show Innocence it presents a compilation of versions of major issues known to all, plus new songs specially composed for Innocence.

The show is a mix of acrobatic choreography lights and sound that surround us in an atmosphere of fantasy and color.

The choreography is a combination of dance, martial arts and acrobatics. Each fully interpretive themes, movements synchronized with the music and voice of Innocence.

The Vivancos, 7 Brethren

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The Vivancos is a dance and music company founded in 2006 by brothers Elias, Judah, Josua, Christ, Israel, Aaron and Joshua Vivancos.

Their shows, they refer to as “Extreme Flamenco Fusion”, mixed dancing with the ballet, contemporary dance, Spanish classic, break dance, the tap, martial arts, the theater and the circus; also fusing flamenco with classical, the rock, hip-hop and movie soundtracks.