History and activity Wonderland Group

Wonderland has traveled to Monterrey (Mexico) to co Delyria, the first big circus-cabaret presented in Mexico in a Spiegel Tent. This is a show with the participation of a large team of artists of the most varied forms circus, combined with music and theater, in a space of burlesque environment.
In the summer of 2014 Wonderland He created the first airline direct flight from Madrid to Las Vegas, also has the first show of the world that is represented on a plane, with captains luxury: José Corbacho, José Mota, Mario Vaquero, Santiago Segura and El Gran Wyoming. Las Vegas Airlines is a joint project with Globalia and other companies that aims to revolutionize the concept of traveling.
Wonderland is a company dedicated to the management of scenic areas and production of shows. The company runs the Teatro Caser Las Ventas Bullring since 2014. He headed the Teatro Caser Calderón from 2003 and for 11 years have been many successful shows took place therein. In his career Wonderland He has managed many theaters which include the Coliseum Theatre and Lope de Vega, in the Gran Via of Madrid, the Teatro Arenal, the Sala Berlanga, the Theatre Champs Elysees in Bilbao, Parallel and Barcelona. In addition to the Manhattan Center in New York among others.
Precisely the first steps of Wonderland occurred in this regard, producing a number of children's shows that were staged throughout Spain on long tours, until it was decided by the production of large format: Cinderella, 101 Dalmatians, Alice in Wonderland, Tweenie, Lunnis and Spiderman, among many others. The greatest achievements were achieved with We Will Rock You, The Hole and Jumming. Also acquired the license for Spain The Producers, one of the hits of Broadway 2006. Recently can be added to the list titles like Study or work, Hard Rock Live, Voices Poker and Gin & Tony.
In 2003 opens in Madrid We Will Rock You, the Queen musical, which remained in the lineup several seasons for a subsequent tour across the country.

Con solo time 27 years Luis Alvarez signed a co-production with members of the British band Queen and Tribeca (Robert de Niro) to produce We Will Rock You in Madrid. It became the first product co-produced with Spanish and foreign equity, because until then, international shows coming to Madrid with license agreements.

In September 2008 Wonderland Group extends to New York and takes over Manhattan Theater Center, in the heart of Manhattan, whereby Luis Alvarez It becomes the first Spanish in producing on Broadway. In the work carried out in New York that year presented and took his show on tour 101 Dalmatians around the country, Luis Alvarez February receives 2009 the award “Entrepreneur of the Year”, that the Chamber of Commerce otroga, for its pioneering role in the performing arts.
Since, has not ceased to be history. It was the first company that decided to take more than a musical Treina Spanish theaters large format, changing the business model from the theater in Spain.
Also, one of the first who introduced the Naming Rights in a theater in Madrid, Häagen Dazs branded championing the iconic Teatro Calderon, early years, and insurance firm that sponsors Caser today.
In 2012 Wonderland goes one step further and opens office in Las Vegas to take charge of producing the shows of major-Day Night Clubs Las Vegas, as Marquee and Lavo.
The main cause of the success of Wonderland Group is the full involvement of all members in the project

The company in percentages

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